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Centre Philosophy



Being a small family of 15 staff members, it is important that our Centre Philosophy is reflective of our personal as well as professional beliefs and values. The Centre Philosophy provides a guiding coalition for our vision and what is essential to our practices as Educators.


Our Centre Philosophy:


  • To respect and value each child’s individuality and to strive to create a nurturing and secure environment.


  • To promote safety, security and respect among educators, children and families where they will feel valued, confident and connected to each other.


  • To provide children with various opportunities and stimulating experiences where they are actively involved; and can make choices to initiate and lead learning thus enabling them to reach their full potential in all areas of development.


  • To recognise and respect positive relationships with children, families and the community and invite them to contribute to our daily curriculum.


  • To collaborate and work in partnership with families to develop a sense of belonging for each child thus ensuring the best outcomes for them.


  • To promote a multicultural environment by encouraging educators, children and families to respect each other’s beliefs, views and ideas.


  • To acknowledge and value Australian Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander beliefs and culture.


  • To value and respect all educators and enhance their knowledge and skills through professional development and training.


  • To create a sense of belonging where educators, children and families feel valued, confident and connected to each other.


  • To educate children and families in being responsible about their natural environment through practices of sustainability.


  • To provide a safe and healthy environment for all children, families and staff through maintaining buildings/equipment and ongoing training for the educators/staff.

Celebrating Harmony Day

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