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Billabong Staff

The Centre continuously raises the bar on providing high quality education and adapting to the changing needs of families. In order to achieve this, it is important to attract and retain high calibre Educators who not only have the skills and experience, but the disposition and motivation to foster relationships with children that promotes curiosity, independence and learning.


The Educators’ relationship is not limited to Billabong`s children but extends to every child’s parent and family. Billabong believes that this collaborative partnership is crucial to a child’s healthy development and allows Educators to link the children’s learning

experiences at home and at the Centre.


Consequently, Billabong places a high value on ensuring a supportive work environment and professional development of its staff. These investments pay dividends in the design of quality educational programs and stimulating curriculums.


Our successes to date include the enthusiasm and sustained energy of our staff contributing towards the seamless uptake and adaptation to the Early Years Learning Framework - the new National Standard of educational programming.


Further, we have enjoyed a low staff turnover with the majority of staff being employed on a full time permanent basis. Even our relief staff has been with us for quite some time now which ensures the continuity of positive relationships and developmental progress with each child.


Our staff come from diverse and multicultural backgrounds which has enabled us to model respect and acceptance of cultural differences. In turn, this has helped develop a culture that is inclusive, open to suggestions or changes that are beneficial to the children of the centre.



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