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Each educator always has time to share insights and development comments about each of the children and they are ever so polite when talking about behaviour that needed correcting! The quality of staff is exceptional and the centre as a whole has much to be proud of!

Tanya Perry ( November 2016)


We cannot thank you enough for the positive difference you have made to our children and ourselves over the 5 years of love and care you have given to us. You have become part of our family and we will miss your lovely faces dearly.

Belinda Sproull ( February 2017)


There is such a great family loving vibe in the centre which makes me grateful every day. We can leave with the greatest peace of mind that our children are being cared for , loved, supported in a fabulous learning environment. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job.

Bernie McCrann ( November 2016)


Billabong is a warm and friendly centre, and all the interactions we saw between educators and the children were done with kindness and respect. It is clear to us that the educators cared for the children on an individual level, and that the children were very comfortable with and loved the educators in return.

Angela Bird ( September 2017)


When our daughter started Kindy, Billabong sent a staff member to visit our daughter in her new classroom and provided the teacher with a summary assessment of our daughter`s last year at the centre. The school confirmed that no other day care centre does this thoughtful and caring act. The staff work immensely hard to maintain the high standard of care they provide. We are always greeted with a smiling face and a helpful manner.

Amy Buckles ( August 2017)


The centre instils in our children a real sense of community belonging through outings and activities and supporting small businesses and charities. It is truly an asset to the local area and council.

The Stewart Family (August 2017)



Billabong hosts regular visits with the local elderly, an activity that has been significantly proven to boost the mental health of both children and seniors. For those children without extended family close by it is of immense value to participate in these visits, promoting attitudes of caring for the elderly of our community and getting t o experience the wealth of knowledge that our elderly citizens have.

Nichole Hammond ( August 2017)


Lucy is becoming engaged in our community by the excursions to the local post office, the library and to the Fruit and Veg shop. She is learning about where she lives and interacting with other residents. This is something that other day care centres do not provide, and most likely have not even thought about doing. It is these personal touches that make Billabong so special to us.

Clair Oliver ( August 2017)



Billabong provide the highest standard of care for all families. They constantly provide feedback on what is happening on a daily basis though newsletters, child development reports etc. They also send out community alerts and community information on a regular basis. This involves all families and encourages them to participate in the wider community of Victoria park.

Niamh Bohan ( August 2017)


Over the last seven years, Billabong CELC has provided my children with a safe, happy, stimulating environment with adults that truly care for them as well as lifelong friendships with local children. Billabong CELC has personally provided me the opportunity to return to a field of work that I love and feel passionate about. I am able to do this knowing my children are nurtured, encouraged and cared for by the amazing and dedicated staff at Billabong CELC.

Katryn Waugh ( August 2017)


As a first time mum, I didn't really know what I was looking for but they certainly seemed to have all aspects covered from educational themes and skill development to record keeping and, most importantly, children that seemed happy and engaged in various coordinated activities designed to suit their stage of development. It lacks nothing the more expensive centres offer plus the team really care for the kids as individuals.

Brad & Leonie Hughes ( August 2017)



I think something that really demonstrates that Billabong is a quality centre is the low staff turnover. It is evident that our children trust their carers and having low staff turnover enables the kids to grow with their carers and build upon that trust.

Shannon Dolbel ( August 2017)


Billabong exceeded my expectations in the availability of training they offer to their parent community such as Protective Behaviours workshop, PLAYCE study and parents meetings , allowing parents to receive one on one time with educators to discuss any concerns or developmental changes. The carers are very well trained and have an excellent relationship with both the children and their parents.

Frances Henderson ( August 2017)


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